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Our Approach


At Madison Park Capital Advisors, our first priority is to help you achieve your financial objectives in line with your needs and values.  Our disciplined approach to wealth management is designed to identify strategies to accumulate, protect, convert, and transfer your wealth based on your financial goals, which may include:   

  • Planning for retirement  
  • Funding an education  
  • Maintaining or enhancing your lifestyle  
  • Preparing for a major purchase  
  • Protecting your family or income 
  • Giving abundantly 
  • Creating a legacy 
  • Converting wealth to income

To get there, we start by listening.  Listening intently to your values, your needs, your desires, your resources. Next we integrate your objectives into a personalized and dynamic financial plan. This plan is then combined with our sophisticated investment planning resources to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns tailored to your personal benchmark.

KNOWLEDGE IS CONFIDENCE: We couple our 60+ years of comprehensive wealth management experience with world-class research and technology to bring the best resources to our clients. With our experience and resources, we have developed a proven investment model that provides for superior risk-adjusted returns. Through consistent dialogue with you, we will help you to understand the nature of markets and how we are working within them.   

DISCIPLINED: Setting us apart is our disciplined use of tactical asset allocation strategies that target relative strengths across various asset classes. We overlay this atop a comprehensive understanding of your risk tolerance, investment goals, and financial plan to achieve returns personalized to your needs. Our adherence to our time-tested models prevents overreactions to market news, and instead allows us to respond in ways that maximize potential returns over the long-term. 

YOUR FINANCIAL HEADQUARTERS: Further distinguishing our business is a close working relationship with your legal, tax, philanthropic, and estate planning advisors to identify coordination gaps and unique planning opportunities that allow you to build, preserve, enjoy and transfer wealth. Just as a wise entrepreneur delegates legal tasks to a trusted lawyer, tax issues to a dedicated tax accountant, and complicated estate issues to a creative estate attorney, so too the wise entrepreneur will choose an wealth management expert that they will rely on for their financial planning and investment counsel.  

BETTER TOGETHER: We take a team-based approach to managing your account. By having more than one team member familiar with your financial picture, you will have consistent access to unbiased advice and unparalleled service. We will routinely meet with you to review your investment performance and update your financial plan to reflect your current needs and desires.  

Let's talk and learn how Madison Park Capital Advisors may be able to add value to your financial picture! Give us a call, shoot us an email, or use the "Let's Get Started" button below for an interactive tool to share with us more about you and your goals.

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