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For Individuals & Families

Private wealth management forms the core of what we do here at Madison Park Capital Advisors.  We love walking alongside individuals and families, offering a full service approach to financial planning and investment management.  We are a “planning centric” firm that believes good portfolio construction stems from a complete understanding of your financial picture and plan.  We utilize planning and other tools to understand your financial goals and risk tolerance, and then build investment strategies to achieve your personalized benchmarks.

We offer a full range of services designed to help you achieve your goals in line with your personal values.  Our clients’ goals often include:

  • Planning for retirement  
  • Funding an education  
  • Maintaining or enhancing your lifestyle  
  • Preparing for a major purchase  
  • Protecting your family or income  
  • Creating a legacy 
  • Converting wealth to income

We work in close concert with your tax, legal, estate, and other advisors to deliver a comprehensive set of solutions that explore the “why” as much as the “how” of private wealth management. 

Our clients come from a diverse set of backgrounds, only sharing the common bonds of being willing to take “intelligent risk" and desiring to plan for their financial future with the expert advice of a trusted advisor.  Whether you are in the early stages of wealth accumulation or the later stages of retirement, our 40+ years of wealth management experience give us the perspective and expertise needed to add value to your financial picture. 

We invite you to contact us at any time!  Let’s grab coffee or share a meal and see how we might be able to serve you.