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Understanding Your Risk Profile

At Madison Park Capital Advisors, we believe that a robust understanding of your risk tolerance is critical to building a portfolio personalized to your meet your needs.  Riskalyze® is a fantastic tool to begin to truly understand your risk profile, and especially how your tolerance for risk relates to your desire for portfolio return.  In our experience, the two cannot be separated and should be discussed together.  We combine this Riskalyze® data with both qualitative and quantitative data gathered in the financial planning process to establish personalized benchmarks based on a complete understanding of your personal risk tolerance.  We then put our investment models to work, matching your desire for risk and return with opportunities in the market.  Check out the PDF links below to learn more about how this all comes together, including a fun analogy of our models and the game of football.

Use the link above to access the “Riskalyze® Simple Questionnaire.”  With your permission, we will then follow-up to discuss the results and provide a link to a “Detailed Questionnaire” that will be the next step in building a personalized portfolio customized to your needs and risk tolerance.