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Retirement Plans

As a business owner, retirement plans are one of your most valuable tools for recruiting, retaining, and rewarding your valued employees. Proper plan design, set-up, and administration require expert advice from a team of professionals.  Madison Park Capital Advisors, as a registered investment advisor, takes the lead in providing you with retirement planning solutions suited to your unique needs.  

On the 401(k)/403(b) side, we work together with trusted and experienced third-party administrators (TPA) and plan providers ("recordkeepers") to design and advise on plans that maximize opportunities for all plan participants, while honoring your fiduciary responsibilities and plan goals.  All of our partners have been selected as a reflection of their superior levels of product quality and service within their areas of expertise. 

In addition, for businesses where traditional 401(k) is not the best option, we will help you identify and implement the right solution, whether that be a SEP IRA, Simple IRA, or Self-Employed 401(k) solution.