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Perspectives on Investing

The world of investing and financial planning is complex and evolving. In this series of interviews, Dan Phillips of Madison Park Capital Advisors talks with trusted subject matter experts to take a deeper dive into areas of interest.  On this page, you will find links to listen to or watch these brief interviews. Check back often, as we'll be adding additional content on a regular basis. 

Have a topic you want us to explore? Please feel free to send Dan your suggestions!

Sustainable Investing with Patrick Drum

Listen in as Dan Phillips of MPCA interviews Patrick Drum, MBA, CFA®, CFP®of Saturna Capital.  Patrick serves as a Senior Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager of the Saturna Sustainable Bond and Amana Participation Funds.  In this recording, Dan and Patrick look at the emergence of sustainable investing and the outlook moving forward. Recorded in June 2020.

Patrick Drum on Sustainable Investing (10:27)